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Partners & Supporters

Leadership: See why our partners and supporters are working so hard to make this happen.

"Opportunities Long Island is a program that empowers people and community together. Every person who goes through the OLI training gains skills and access to a career that is both personally and financially rewarding. Every community this person calls home gets to see what's possible, watching their children and friends succeed and build the future of Long Island. "

Rosalie Drago
Long Island Regional Director, Workforce Development Institute

“OLI is an excellent opportunity for YouthBuild graduates seeking a career in the Union Building Trades. Through this program, graduates can achieve stability and success that will enhance and enrich the quality of their lives on Long Island.”

Rick Wertheim
SVP Housing and Green Initiatives, United Way of Long Island

“Opportunities Long Island is what it states - opportunities for our young men and women here on Long Island looking for a career, not just a job. It helps these people prepare for jobs in over 36 fields in the construction industry with 240 hours of pre-training to help them better qualify for a registered apprenticeship program and achieve the American Dream we all want.”

Richard O’Kane
President, Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau & Suffolk Counties

“Huntington Opportunity Resource Center’s partnership with OLI is a classic win-win for all, but most especially for our program participants who are given a remarkable chance to press the restart button and gain entry into an exciting new field bringing job opportunities for life.”

Tracey Edwards
Huntington Town Councilwoman

Opportunities Long Island is a major step forward for the graduates. They gain the opportunity to establish lifelong careers through union jobs with good pay and benefits. This is the high road to economic development, representing real progress for people and communities. Local economies will thrive with the addition of jobs and incomes which can break the cycle of joblessness and poverty.

John R. Durso
President, Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
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